Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Branching Out

More progress on the knitting front....I've moved up from making scarves! I know, I know, it's about damn time. I had made five or six, and though they were fun I got really bored. So for my Knitting Group's "Spring Swap" I tried my hand at this felted coin purse.

I originally bought this multi-colored pastel wool to make a purse, a small square one that could hold my keys and cellphone in the summer when I don't want to carry a big purse. But after several attempts to cast on and lots of cursing, I found this pattern on Lion Brand Yarn. It took a couple of days, and I got a little short on time at the end and didn't felt it. I like the size of it, though.

We have a few new skills here, folks. A bunch of Firsts, like following a pattern, for starters. Also, it's done in Stockinette Stitch instead of Garter Stitch. I also learned to decrease, which was tough at first, and this is the first knitted item I've ever sewn together. Hopefully the surprise recipient at the Swap tonight will really like it!

Now that I've done something different and it wasn't hard like I expected, I have my eye on another pattern. It's a striped tote bag, and I think I"m ready!

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