Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Stitch in Time..... can find blogs on almost any subject, huh? I've bookmarked some new stitching blogs to read. Mostly I can just gaze with envy at these other women's projects!

I love to cross-stitch. Actually, that statement doesn't do it justice. I love to take embroidery floss and create something so beautiful like a wedding record, Christmas ornament set, etc... I've been doing it for about either years now, and I'm just as hooked as I was back then!

I first learned to cross-stitch in 2000. Anyone who spends a snowy winter in Central New Hampshire knows that you need to find a hobby because you get stuck in the house, a lot!! Back then, I could afford the time to cross stitch all day if I wanted. And I often did, on the weekends. I had to stop that kind of daily stitching because of sore wrists and fingers. Now, I go through spurts, I'll do it every night for weeks, then put it down for a month. I've mentioned before that I am not a very patient person. Stitching is one thing that has definitely taught me patience, to sit and concentrate on something like that takes patience and I've been able to build up to that over the years.

Right now I am working on a wedding sampler for my brother and his fiancee. I won't post a picture just yet....I want the design to be a surprise!! My next project I believe will be a Christmas Tree Skirt. I've had it for years...and I've been putting it off because I believe it will TAKE years! Hopefully I'll be able to finish it in time before Will is moving out to a house and a Christmas tree of his very own!

Here are some photos of past projects:

A wedding record I made for my friend Maureen, November 2005

Finished sampler for my mother-in-law, January 2001

This snowy village hangs in my living room. Despite its winter theme....I love it so much that I keep it up year-round! Finished March, 2006.

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shannon+john said...

wow, those are beautiful! i can appreciate how much time those took, i cross stitched a long time ago and it took forever to even do a simple, small project. those you did are for the experienced cross stitcher! you are right- it takes patience- and good eye sight!