Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I re-arranged my schedule to take Will to the beach today for some summer fun, just the two of us!
After our last experience, I was a little gun-shy to go to the beach. You might remember that there was no swimming the last time we tried due to high bacteria levels in the water. But it ended up being the absolute PERFECT beach day! We went to a different place this time, a little beach a couple of towns over that I had never heard of. It was pretty hot out, but definitely cooler by the water at the little beach we went to. I almost scrapped the plans after playing a game of "Who's More Stubborn?" with Will. (Will: "Mama, I don't like my bathing suit or swim diapers. And what is this spray you're torturing me with!?") I'm glad I stuck with it though, and I think Will decided the aforementioned torture session was worth it!

Upon getting to the beach, we meet up with a few other moms from the playgroup we belong to. Will was a little unsure of the water at first, but then his inner fish came out and he loved splashing and walking around with Mama. But the sand was by far his favorite! He loves to fill a pail with sand and dump it. Mostly, he likes to walk around the beach and pick up other kid's toys. Other kids' toys always are more appealing than your own, right??

We stayed for two hours and then it was back home again, where an instant bath was definitely needed for all that sand and sunscreen. And then a 2 1/2 hour nap....to sleep off all of that fun!

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Alana said...

That is very cute.....I did a google account so when I can get on here I can actually leave a comment! Will looks like he had a blast!