Friday, July 25, 2008

Let the Savings Begin!

Our attic is finished!! The insulation company spent the day yesterday spraying big piles of fluffy, itchy pink insulation in our attic. Brian took a look and said that it's a sea of pink up there, and you can't even walk in there anymore. I personally have never been in the attic, so I will have to take his word for it. You see, our attic doesn't have a ladder entrance, and it's in our basement stairwell so you have to "shimmy" the walls. No thanks!

Today the insulation company is doing under my family room, where there is no foundation. It's always been pretty chilly out here in winter, now this year it will be nice and toasty. And I can already feel the difference in temperature! The temp outside right now is 74. Usually at this temp, it's hot, humid and gross in the house. Today I have the slider open and the ceiling fan on and it's so pleasant. Now I just can't wait to see some savings on my over-$300-a-month oil bill!!!!


gillitrev-livvielu said...

Yay! Hope it helps. Anything to save money now-a-days. Sheesh! Hopefully they're not lying about the gas prices coming down.

Brian said...

It really shows how Ginny has never been in the attic. The attic is actually a sea of insulation that looks like week old side of the road snow, that dirty white look.

But what it really looks like to me is a work of art, the contractor did an outstanding job. Their professionalism and attention to detail could not be surpassed! In fact I am almost embarrased to say when they left the house was CLEANER than when the arrived. If anyone needs insulation work I highly recommend The Energy Allstars.