Thursday, July 31, 2008

Orchids and Onions

Some people have a talent for singing, or dancing. Or for acting, writing, fixing stuff, etc. My talent is a cracker-jack memory. I'm like a sponge, I take it all in and hold onto it.

I read an article a long time ago that became relevant this week. The article was about a woman who, when she is dealing with the outside world in retail or customer service, strides to comment on good things as much as bad things. (Which has to be difficult, because when something bad happens to you that is customer-service related, you tend to tell ANYONE who will listen to your horrible experience!) If it was good thing, she would write a letter to a supervisor, etc, and call it an Orchid letter. An orchid is a beautiful, fragrant flower. If it was was an onion letter for well, you get the jist of things. Silly way of putting it, but I kind of liked the idea at the time.

So for a positive change, I would like to share an orchid experience. I was shopping last weekend with Brian, Will and my friend Maureen. We were in a craft store, and I was pushing Will in his stroller. I was turned away, looking at cross-stitch kits when I heard a loud SNAP!! I quickly turned around and Will had been sitting in the stroller before, and was now reclined in it. Upon inspection, we discovered that the plastic clip that holds the reclining mechanism had broken in two, sending Will backwards. He was ok, thank goodness. I however, was incensed. That evening, I composed an email to the stroller company, telling them what happened and that I was upset about it because it had broken and the stroller wasn't that old. Not only that, they don't sell a replacement part for the broken piece. Within 24 hours, they had sent an email back apologizing for what had happened and that they were glad that my son wasn't hurt. They also went on to say that since what happened was not our fault and could not be repaired, they would gladly send me a stroller of my choice for only the cost of shipping and handling! ($25)

I have to say, I was totally prepared for a fight. But they took the wind out of my sails and surprised me by taking care of it without a hard time. So now I am happy to be a loyal customer of a company who stands behind their products, and to tell people about my experience!

If you really want to know the name of the company....send me an email. :)

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