Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rainy-Day Music Man

Will and I are hanging out at home the next couple of days, as our daycare provider is on vacation. Today I brought out a music set to have something different to play with. My boy plays a mean maraca! The set has a snare drum too, but sadly, we can't find the sticks. Maybe not SO sadly!

We're stuck in the house the next couple of days unfortunately. It's going to rain quite a bit, and also we have a contractor coming in to insulate our attic. There's not a whole lot of insulation up there, and that makes for not only chilly winters, but really hot and humid summers. Oftentimes, it can be bearable outside and totally unbearable inside because the heat doesn't really have anywhere to go. I've learned a bit in the past few weeks about insulation and energy savings. Hoping this job makes our oil bill just a little more tolerable during the winter months!!

This Friday is going to be a lot of fun! I'm meeting some college girlfriends for a "Salve Girls Night" in Providence. Good food, good drinks, good times! I haven't seen a couple of them in a few years!

Sleepy Music Man. I LOVE how he's holding onto the toy dangling from his crib mirror!

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gillitrev-livvielu said...

Have fun hanging out! Hopefully this insulation will help those oil bills...YIKES!