Thursday, January 22, 2015

Wired for Sound

I got my hearing aids last week, and so far here is what I've observed....

1.  I don't like hearing my own voice constantly.  I'm told that will fade with time, but for now it's slightly annoying.

2.  At first my ears were BIONIC.  I could almost hear someone putting quarters in the washing machine down the hall with the door closed.  But loud noises were shocking, the first time the doorbell rang at work I almost jumped to the ceiling!

3.  They're  cute and tiny:

And unless I tell you about them, you won't notice that I'm wearing them.  The purple part goes behind the ear so all that's visible is the clear wire.  And unless you're specifically looking for it, you're likely to miss it.

I have a strict rule (for now), either in the case or in my ears.  I also took them out and showed them to the boys, because I knew that they were curious.  And now they're not...and therefore less likely to touch them.

4.  Nobody's been able to sneak up on me since I got them.  This used to be a serious problem since I'm such a jumpy person.  But I can HEAR behind me now.  The first time I heard a conversation behind me was walking into Target last week.  A father was chiding his two daughters for not wearing hats in the cold weather.  I almost cried because of it.

5.  The volume level on the TV and the radio in the car has gone down substantially.  When I first turned the radio on my "normal" volume, I was shocked at how loud it was.

6.  And best of all....I can hear my boys.  Especially Sean, who talks softly in the backseat, asking for music or telling me about Minecraft.

So all in all, it's not so bad.  It's a bit of an inconvenience but worth it thus far.

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