Monday, January 26, 2015

French Toast Fever

Brace yourselves!  It's a New England storm warning!  The storm to end all storms!  They're predicting more than two feet of snow in our area.  Better get all the ingredients for french toast (gotta get the milk and bread, gotta get the milk and bread!)  and don't forget the toilet paper.  :)  This reminds me of an old Bill Engvall routine..."There is a snow warning in your area!  Go to the store, buy bread, horde gas....if you are an elderly American you will not survive this storm."  :)

We've had a good year thus far concerning snowstorms, so hey, whatever.  We've got plenty of gas, food, batteries and flashlights, and (hopefully) entertainment.  Well, I've got plenty of knitting,  so bring it on.

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