Monday, January 5, 2015

Buried Treasure

As part of our annual clean-up this time of year, I'm going through the craft room and getting ruthless.   My knitting group is having a "destash" night later this month for tools, patterns and other craft supplies.  So far I've put together a bag and will likely have at least one more.

Every year I have this grand desire for handmade cross-stitch ornaments.  This is nothing new, and I usually fail.  Not so in 2015.  Because........I found ones that I finished in 2006!

Cute Winnie the Pooh ones, from the year my "first baby" was born.  They're still adorable!  And one afternoon of sewing and they'll be a good start for NEXT Christmas. 

And the little girl hanging her stocking, I honestly thought that she was lost in the move.  All she needs is a frame.  

See?  It pays not to get rid of stuff sometimes.  :)

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