Tuesday, June 4, 2013


To all of you out there that were crossing fingers and toes, saying prayers and sending basic well-wishes our way?  Thank you, it's paid off!

The house was shown several times last week, and someone wants to buy it!  AND the bonus is that they don't seem, ahem, psychotic.  Or demanding.  It's a couple that wants to get out of an apartment and into their first house.  And they're really excited about buying ours. 

We're excited too.  It certainly takes a lot of stress out of the air, knowing that someone is going to buy the house.  One way or another, we were going to move to the new house in less than three weeks.  This makes it a whole lot easier.  So again I say....thank you for all the thoughts, prayers and well wishes.  It's meant a lot.

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Anonymous said...

YAAAAY! All fingers and toes crossed that the deal goes through. Buying/selling a house and moving are all so stressful...go pour yourself a glass of wine, girl, you deserve it!