Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Show Us Your Spirit!!

Ah....Spirit Week.  AKA the week that gives me heartburn.

I forgot that this week (starting on Tuesday and not Monday, natch) is Spirit Week at Will's school and that Friday is Field Day.  Did he bring home a notice?  Yes.  Did I affix it to the front of the refrigerator?  Yes.  Did I forget anyway?  Yes, yes. 

We were of course running later this morning than usual, and I finally managed to get the kids' raincoats on them and were jogging out the door. As soon as our feet hit the front porch I saw the girl across the street in a Bruins outfit. It struck me as odd, because she's normally in pink or purple and ruffled/bows/bedazzled. Then it hit me.....crap! It's spirit week and today is "Favorite Team Day." So I tell the boys to stay on the porch while I run back into the house. Searching frantically, I locate Will's soccer jersey from last fall and said "Here! Change into this when you get to school!" Whew. Crisis averted. Could've been worse, tomorrow is "Wacky Wednesday." That would've been tough to pull off at zero hour.

I'd like to blame this on the upcoming move next week or the fact that I haven't been sleeping well.  But I know all too well that when it comes to Spirit Week I always manage to have it sneak up on me.  (Sneaky spirit week....)  I know that it's fun for the kids, but it's stressful on the parents.  Coming up with an outfit to match each day's "theme" is a bit maddening.  Normally I hate this kind of thing.  But I'm bending over backwards because I know the end of the year is upon us and not only is he finishing up kindergarten, his friends are moving on to first grade while he's starting over in a new town and a new school.  He's feeling a bit sad and wishing that he was staying at the same school with his buddies next year.  And I'll of course do anything to cheer him up.    So stay tuned....tomorrow is "Wacky Wednesday" and tonight Will and I will come up with a "wacky" plan!

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Anonymous said...

Oh hell, woman, I am feeling your pain!! Will the last day of school NEVER get here?? Did you read the fantastic blog post over at jenhatmaker.com about being the worse end of school mom ever?? Go check it out. You'll feel better. Hang in there!