Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Big News

Big news in our house this week.....about the house.  We've decided to put it on the market.

This is something that was hemmed and hawed over in the past year or so.  After all, we said "ten years, one place" and it's been almost eleven.  This was a great little house when it was just Brian, me and Joey.  And it's still a great house.  Just not for us, with two growing boys and not a lot of storage space.  So we're biting the bullet, knowing that it's never going to be an "easy" time to do this.   There's a lot to consider, and telling our oldest son was one of the things that needed to be done.  We considered putting it off, but honesty in this case is important, and the cat would be out of the bag pretty quickly.  So after breakfast, we sat him down and explained, and asked if he had questions.  He was anxious, but not for the reasons expected.  His biggest fear?  leaving stuff behind that was meant to move with us.  Namely, Brown Doggie.  After he was rest assured that Brown Doggie would follow us anywhere we went, he calmed down quickly but remains wary.

We contacted the realtor that sold us the place and told her we were interested in selling.  She came over today, and did a preliminary walkthrough.  By the time she left half an hour later, our heads were spinning!  There is just so much to do.  And the first thing on the list, for me?  Decluttering.

Decluttering.  Purging.  Giving stuff away, whatever pares us down.  So I spent some time making a "Saver's Donations" pile and a trash pile in our basement.  With about an hour's worth of work, plus listings on Freecycle and Bookmooch, I feel pretty satisfied in my headway.  And there's still SO MUCH to do!

So yes....come this summer, we may have somewhere new to hang our hats.  And with the market, we may not.  Only time will tell, but the adventure starts today.

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