Friday, February 8, 2013

Rolling Outta the Rut

Yes!!!  I finally finished some knitting projects!  I can now feel good about starting something new.  And I can feel like I accomplished something.

A pretty shawlette for a friend.  Best kind of gift, a "Just because."  Not sure when I'm going to get it in the mail, but that's OK.

 Seed stitch baby blanket for Stitches from the Heart.  It's on my DZ List to ship them a box every six months, so I'll be holding onto this til June.  This was actually a lot of fun to make, and knit up quickly.

Lastly, these are squares that I am sending to Three Irish Girls in Minnesota.  She is collecting them from all over the country to turn them into blankets for the families affected by the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy.

I also have a finished scarf, but it has a million ends to be woven in, and that's almost not an exaggeration.  And I just don't feel like it today!  Instead, I've re-cast on the socks for myself, and I'm starting a knit-a-long with my old friend Maureen this week.

Rut OVER!  And it comes at a good time, now that I'm going to be stuck in this weekend with Snowstorm Nemo and my trip to Florida is cancelled.  At least with the flight getting cancelled, I won't have to eat the cost of the ticket.

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