Sunday, February 24, 2013

Another Snowy Sunday

The snow is coming down again...not as bad as a few weeks ago but still managing to put a monkey wrench into our plans.  So here I am, hot chocolate in hand, ready to start "Mr. Popper's Penguins" for the kids while I unwind a bit with my knitting.

I'm on Day Two of giving up soda.  It's on my Day Zero list, to do it for 30 days, and this includes regular AND diet.  I was inspired by a facebook friend who said that she has soda cans dancing in her dreams after five weeks of not touching the stuff.  When I asked, she also mentioned that with the help of a nutritionist and diet in addition to giving up the bubbly stuff, she has lost 18 lbs in the last month.  What, what!  That's amazing.  I didn't have weight loss in mind when I wrote that item down on my list, I just wanted to see if I could make it 30 days without caving.  But that would be a nice benefit!

Realtor plans are moving forward.  We've heard one analysis of what we could sell the house for and frankly we were disheartened.  But we're choosing to move forward.  The de-cluttering moves forward too, despite getting burned by someone on Freecycle who was going to give me some boxes.  (really....if you say "the earlier the better" and we make plans for noon, could you not skip the part that your driveway hasn't been cleared since the blizzard two weeks ago before I go over there with my family?  Thanks.)  Piles are amassing in the basement (Keep, donate and discard)  and I've started taking advantage of the dumpster at work, bringing in a few items at a time.  Good Lord, we have a lot of crap.  A lot, a lot a lot.  Staging is going to be a bitch.  There's no sugarcoating it.  But do you know what?  We can do it.  I will keep repeating that over and over until the house goes on the market.   And then I will find a new mantra.  Probably "keepin' it clean" or "don't lose your head."  :)

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