Monday, February 18, 2013

Finish or Frog

In efforts to reduce the amount of stuff in the house to successfully stage/sell,  everyone has to pitch in.  It's going to hurt a little, getting rid of some things that we want to keep but haven't used or even seen in ages.  So to show that I'm serious about it, I'm attacking my yarn and works-in-progress.  (wip's if you will).

Every May, my knitting group goes out to the tent sale at Webs.  Miss the tent sale?  That's crazy talk!  But we do have a night before the big sale where we all bring in yarn we're no longer in love with or have leftovers from a project.  Well, I don't want to wait to get started.  So I posted on our meetup group that I would bring a bag next week.  There just so happened that a Freecycler was looking for yarn and needles the other day too.   I have stashbuilding issues....way more than I could knit up in my lifetime.

It feels good to send this somewhere that it will likely get used.  

Next up: the WIP pile.

The bottom one is the Sweet pea blanket.  Such a pretty pattern...such a wonky execution! Darn thing doesn't lie flat.  Had I not used an acrylic blend, this might've been salvageable with an aggressive blocking.
The top project is Ditto.  My Ditto.  My first shot at an adult-sized sweater.  The pattern is just too involved and not for my experience level.  And it's been languishing in a bag for two years.   Frogging this will actually free me of the guilt of not finishing it.   I'd rather rescue that gorgeous aquamarine yarn and repurpose it into something else.

And in the "finish" category:  spring cardigan!  This sweetheart only needs sleeves and button bands.  And almost time for spring!

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