Monday, January 14, 2013

On God and Beading

  Yesterday I spent some time with the Big Kid, working on a craft project.  His brother had given him a beaded animal kit for Christmas, and he was very psyched to make a penguin keychain for his school backpack.  The end results weren't quite as pretty as the picture, but we get the general idea.

First we sorted beads by color and how many we needed in each color. 

Then we knocked them all over the floor and re-counted them. 

Then Mama screwed up and cut the satin cord instead of just folding it in half.  Yes, the box does say that the kit is for kids aged six and above.  But I guess at 36 you may qualify for remedial instructions.
We got it together and voila!  A penguin.  Will is currently obsessed with penguins.  Oh yeah, and Spider-Man.  If there was a beading kit to make a Spider-Man keychain, he'd be in his glory. 

Spending this kind of special one-on-one time with your kids is precious.  It also has a tendency to lead to intriguing conversation.  Such as yes, Mommy does know how to do other crafts besides knittting.  But here is the gem of the afternoon, which came out of nowhere:

"Mama.  You were wrong about God and the world.  My best friend Silas at school has it all figured out.  First there were bugs.  Then birds, then crocodiles.  And from crocodiles, humans."  Consider myself corrected.  Daddy and I agreed, and told him a little bit about evolution. But then Brian said "But where did the bugs come from?"  With great dramatic pause, Will said "I don't know.  I'll have to ask Silas about it at school tomorrow."  :)

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