Friday, January 11, 2013

31 Days to Organization...Possible?

I've been going thru my Ravelry queue the past few weeks, moving things forward to get through some things that have been sitting in there FOREVER.  Examining the stash, assigning it to projects, making lists of things I want to shop for at the Webs Tent Sale.  (It's never too early to start thinking, despite the sale being in May!) 

Apparently I'm not the only person that's thinking this way, as Webs is currently doing a "31 days to getting organized" series on their blog.  I've kind of turned a blind eye onto most of it, as my stash is as "organized" as I can get it in it's current state of three cart rollers/one big tote/bags on the closet floor/possibly a pile in the basement can get.  Oh....let's not forget the living room drawer.  Hmph.  Still not seeing an issue here. 

But then I saw a quick posting the other day about recycling yarn.  Recovering the yarn from something that you were working on and turning it from a work-in-progress to yarn again.  This got me thinking....I've got a few things that could use the old "finish or frog" game!  So now that I know how to do this magic trick of turning a project that's making you do the  "scream-and-pull-your-hair-out-but-don't-wanna-waste-the-yarn-you-spent-good-money-on" dance, I think I'm going to try it this weekend.  Hopefully all will go well and I'll have some pretty yarns that I can turn into something that doesn't frustrate me.  Wish me luck  :)

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