Tuesday, January 22, 2013

False Starts

I feel like most of 2013 has been a big knitting failure.

That's not fair.  2013 is only 22 days old, so calling it a big knitting failure already seems harsh.

So I'll start again:  2013 has been a bit of a failure on the knitting front.

I frogged a sock yesterday.  I had made it past the heel but they were going to be horrible, baggy, fall-down kind of socks.  Despite knitting a gauge swatch I have discovered that I am more of a "sock pattern" kind of girl than a "sock recipe" kind of girl.  My humblest of apologies, Yarn Harlot.

I spent a week working on a surprise gift of a shawl for a friend.  It was serving two purposes:  making a pretty gift for someone special, and finishing up some bright pink sock yarn out of my yarn stash.  Twenty rows left in the project, I run out of yarn and have to buy more.  (Boooooooo   Hiss.)  I'm sure that there's a way to avoid that kind of thing but I haven't discovered it yet. 

I'm itching to start a sweater for my husband, but I want to finish my own spring cotton sweater first, and frog another sweater.  Yes, I'm frogging Ditto.  It's been almost a year and a half since I got frustrated and stuffed it in a bag.  I aim a mix of hopeful words and four-letter words at it from time to time, but it hasn't seen the light of day and I think frogging it will bring peace and relief.  Plus, I can soak and re-hank the yarn and have the yarn all over again for a different sweater!  I'm looking for the silver lining, people. 

Well, here's a bright spot:  the 2013 dates for the Webs Tent Sale have been announced!  And I've already started making my list of projects to shop for in May.  Priorities, right?

 I really need a knitting win though.  Something substantial.   

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