Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Love for Books

I love school.  Not as much as Will loves school, but I do love it.  I love the excitement that Will still shows every day about getting to go, the weekly emails from his teacher telling us what the kids are up to, and the fact that he is READING!  His teacher has even said that he's reading as well as the kids do at the end of kindergarten instead of in the middle.  We've started reading longer books at night, like the Wizard of Oz.  (which he absolutely loved.  He kept rolling onto his stomach and shutting his eyes, and I was worried that he was scared.  Those Flying Monkeys are terrifying.  But it turns out he was doing that so he could "imagine it better.")  While at the library last week, I found the "Tales of Wayside School" series that I read as a kid, and checked them out for something to read every night.   Perhaps he'd enjoy my favorite "Little House" series if we read it together....and Lord knows that I would love to read them again.

 It is SO COOL to read books with your kid that you read when you were a kid yourself.   

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