Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ravellenic Wrap-Up

The Olympics ended on Sunday with the closing ceremonies, which I kind of forgot were on.  Usually Brian and I are into the coverage and watch as much as we can, but there was just so much going on this time around that we didn't see as much as we wanted.  I did get to see the Womens' Gymnastics win a team gold though, and Gaby Douglas take the gold for the Women's All-Around.  Woo hoo!  I bought the People magazine with her on the cover this week, I find her story to be inspiring and can't wait to read more about it.  And of course, Women's Soccer won gold, and Women's Water Polo as well.  What a year for US Women in the Olympics!

Anyway, back to the Ravellenic Games.  Gymnastics has their "Fab Five," and I give you the "Elite Eight."

Eight snuggly baby hats, to warm up eight newborn babies, to be sent to my favorite knitting charity, Stitches from the Heart.  That means a gold medal for me!  Well, it's a blog badge.  I don't care, I'll display it proudly!

My Marrowstone Shawl was a no-go.  I got the lace edging done, and it is beautiful.  But with work and kids and vacation and everything else in this thing called Life, I just didn't have the time to dedicate to it.  This wasn't a good choice for a project that had to be started and finished in seventeen days, it requires a bit of concentration.  It didn't help that I downloaded the pattern while scrambling to pack for vacation, and the Games started that week of vacation, and I didn't review it enough.  I can admit it, I failed!   The shawl will get finished "someday" as I would really like to have it.

As for the Day Zero List Item of participating and going for gold, I can cross it off.  And I even will get another crack at it, with the 2014 Winter Olympics.  NEXT TIME, though, I will put a lot more thought into it and prepare better. 

What's on the needles now?  I finished part of a baby gift last night, but it's super secret til her shower.  I have to finish up the "Baby Sophisticate" sweater, it still needs a right arm and a collar.  Oh and buttons!  I got the sweetest Owl buttons at Webs in June.  After that will be my niece's first birthday present, which is coming up in November.  And then it's all about Christmas.  Gotta make all the things!  :)

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