Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Different Proud

And today I am a proud parent of both a kindergartner and a soccer player!  (Hint, both are the same kid.)

We made a family trek to the local sports store so that we could take part in their "Youth Soccer Appreciation Day" and get discounts on all of Will's soccer supplies.  Half an hour later he's the proud owner of a ball, cleats, shin guards, soccer socks and practice shorts.  It feels like I was shopping for soccer stuff for myself just yesterday....and here we've come, full-circle.  Oh, I hope that he likes it!  It's our first real dive into organized activity and he could definitely use the structure and socializing skills.

Later on, just Will and I headed to Target for some back to school stuff.  Or in his case, "first time to school" stuff.  Picking out fall clothes for him was a challenge this year.  Why the heck  can't boy sizes be like the baby and toddler sizes??  It was mind-blowing, trying to figure out what would fit and seemed to take forever.  But we're home with three bags and that's one more thing to check off our to-do list for this weekend.

My big kid....growing up.  It didn't really hit me until we were in Target today.  And I'm powerless in stopping it.  It's what you want, of course, but oh my goodness.

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Anonymous said...

Oh wow. I totally hear you on this one. I'm trying my best to hang on to these fleeting days of summer, because once Kindergarten starts, I feel like something major will shift for me and for Zoey! It's hard to watch their babyhood sail by...such big kids now!