Saturday, August 25, 2012

Classic Movie Night

#49:  Watch five movies from the American Film Institute's "Top 100" list. (2/5)

We had friends over for dinner tonight, and afterwards while flipping thru Netflix Streaming we decided to make it Classic Movie Night.  Perfect!  We settled on "The Graduate" from 1968.

What a great movie!  We all loved it, and agreed that we should do this again.   The music (Simon and Garfunkel) the plot (recent college graduate is seduced by father's lawyer partner and best friend's wife, then falls in love with his daughter) and the end (I'm not going to spoil it for you!) were riveting.  Young Dustin Hoffman was a fantastic actor, and people my age may recognize a young "Mr Feeney" playing his father.  They simply do not make movies like this anymore.  It's a damn shame.

Now that we know that Netflix Streaming has a "Classic Movies" channel, maybe I'll see even more than five of them!

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