Thursday, August 23, 2012

Aliens in the Water Dish

We're conscientious people.  We keep a menu and two shopping lists on our fridge.  Make a nightly to-do list to get a little housework done during the week instead of slaving through Saturday and/or Sunday, resetting the house to order.  Oh, who am I kidding?  There is no order, there is only lesser chaos. 

Oh....clutter.  I hate you, clutter.  I hate how you have a way of sneaking up on this house when it seems that all is well and under control.  Because for every corner that gets organized, every section that is stripped of its belongings and re-ordered, there's another hot spot garnering activity.  For every floor vacuumed, there is more cereal dropped on the floor while the boys are enjoying breakfast over "Disney Junior."  Start the laundry on a Tuesday?  Fantastic.  You will come upstairs to five mismatched, clearly dirty socks flung into the far corners.  It's like they have feet of their own and scurry out as soon as their buddies head down to the washer.  The family room, which was long ago destined to be the boys' domain for their toys, looks like a combat zone.  Flung toys in every direction, there's so much going on in there it's almost impossible to use the room to PLAY in.  And last night after letting out Joey and he was in taking a drink from his bowl, I noticed that the bowl that he was drinking from had a plastic "Toy Story" alien in the bottom.  Poor Joe-Joe, he took it in stride and just kept on drinking.

I think the house is under siege.  Clutter and toys are winning the battle.  Save's too late for me.  :)

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