Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Things have been so busy lately, in a good way.  It's been leases, and new tenants and all the busy things associated with being a property manager in a brand new building.  Lots of kinks to work out but so far, I love it here and I think that the residents do too. 

We all need a little fun, not "work work work" all the time.  This past weekend, I went out with my college girlfriends for our annual "Salve Girls Night" trip.  This year it was in Newport, and I had forgotten how much I love Newport!  I hadn't been there in the summer since I was a kid, and it was certainly bustling with activity.  It's always so great to see my friends, and I wish it could be more than once a year.  This year we included kids (though mine stayed home) and made an afternoon of it.  At the end of the day, we decided that it should be Newport every year.  :) 

Then on Saturday, it was a knitting retreat.  I invited all of my knitting group friends to my mom and dad's cottage in Woodstock, CT.  Three came down to spend the night with me and Mom, and we grilled dinner together and knit til midnight.  The next day another person joined us and we had coffee and pastry by the lake and enjoyed some more knitting.  It was so wonderful, knitting for hours, sleeping til waking naturally.  I came home refreshed and relaxed. 

And then WHAM!  Back into another hectic week.  Will started a kindergarten orientation program this week, and so far he loves it.  Anxiety has not reared its ugly head, and this is a blissful thing.  In fact, he's so thrilled with his "taste" of kindergarten that he's ready to make a whole meal of it.  This was Nana's explanation to him when she picked him up yesterday, and I think that it's perfect.  Sean is jealous of kindergarten and every morning tells me how much he'd rather go to kindergarten too.  Poor buddy, wants to be just like his Bubby.  They are certainly in such a hurry to grow up. 

In a nutshell, things are crazy.  It's a good crazy though.

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seeamyrunning said...

Love this! Reading about your knitting retreat even made ME relax a little! And hooray for the kindergarten orientation...when does he start? Zoey's first day is Sept. 5. We are both nervous! ;-)