Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fearless Friends

 Last week, my friend Kristina asked me how the progress went on Ditto.    Sadly, I had no update, as two weeks ago I messed it up and have 3.5 rows to rip back.  It has been chillin, sitting in a tied-off Target bag in my living room ever since.  I give it a sideways glance once in a while, still sick with trepidation of ripping back those 3.5 rows.  (Yes, the .5 is worth mentioning, since there are 323 stitches across each whole row!  That's a lot of stitches, man!) 

Kristina just looked at me, and said "  You know, you're not that far from being done with that sweater.  Bring it in next week, I'll rip back the rows for you.  Then you can finish it and be proud of what you made"  She could see that I was stuck, and is throwing me a lifeline.  I couldn't believe her generosity.  I wish I had her fearlessness regarding ripping out knitting!  I graciously accepted her offer, and asked where she got this courage and she just said "You have to believe that when you're done ripping it out, you'll have as many stitches that you started with."  Hmmm.

So, tomorrow night.  The adventure continues.  Will I be fearless with her, or will I be in the corner biting my nails as she rips back the rows?

I choose to think positively.  Let's go!

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