Friday, July 15, 2011

Time Travelers

For two mornings this week, I have had the pleasure of having the morning to myself.  No kiddos to get ready, no drop-offs, no trying to keep Sean from chewing on Will's toothbrush or listening to "But Mom!  I don't need school, I already KNOW EVERYTHING!!!!"  Two blissful mornings.  Both mornings I knitted a little before work, lingering over my second cup of coffee.   Perfect makeup, put on without interruption.  I even had time to use styling products and a blowdryer!  With Hubby bringing the kids to my parents for the day, as soon as his car hit the streets, BANG!  It was 2005 again, with me being on time for work, going back and forth between Led Zeppelin and The Beastie Boys in the car.  Of course, in 2005 I didn't work so close to home, and I wasn't a knitter.  Minor details!

And next week we're planning a BIG trip into the past.  Brian and I are dialing it back to 1998....going on our first vacation sans children.  We're going somewhere that we've never been, but it'll be just the two of us, kind of like that first summer together.  And we're planning on coming home needing a vacation from our vacation, exhausted from the fun of it all.  Can't wait!

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