Sunday, July 31, 2011

Burning the Midnight Oil

Sunday nights are always late ones for me...I have a hard time going to bed because I don't want the weekend to end.  So I knit and watch True Blood and, depending on how much I don't want to go, I follow it up with a Hot in Cleveland.  (I have a soft spot for Betty White, I think she's hilarious.)

I've knitted so much today that my hands ache.  But it's a good kind of ache, like I've done something productive.  And I did, I finished another Christmas gift to add to the pile.  No, I will not tell you who or what, not til the day after Christmas and the "great reveal!"  Next up are baby things:  starting with the "bee sweater" to be finished for this weekend's baby shower.  (The bee was extricated with a pair of tweezers.  No muss, no fuss!)  Then a hat and mitt set for an upcoming baby boy, then my future niece, and a friend's baby as well. And my oldest friend is expecting in late winter/early spring.  What the heck to you knit for a baby that will be living in Florida??

Anyway, that's enough randomness for one evening.  In 18 minutes it'll be August first so I need to get my butt to bed.

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