Friday, July 1, 2011

Photo Shoot, Gone Awry

Sometimes you set out to take pictures of your kids, and the "session" doesn't quite turn out as expected.  I had gotten the boys matching patriotic-themed t-shirts, and wanted to get a couple snaps of them together.  Eh....notsomuch.  We'll try again this weekend at the cottage while we're celebrating the Fourth.  Let's see what we got out of it this time, though:

 Hiya, Handsome!  Yeah....that's a toy pie plate.  How about you show me your cool shirt?  NOPE!

 What's that, Mommy?  Ohh....pose.  Thought you said wrestle!  Or bellyflop!

 This one is pretty cute.  Best one out of the bunch.  Though if they were looking at me, it would be better.

 Dude!  Love your shirt!  Where'd your brother go?  Oh yes.....into the kitchen to find the tupperware.  *Sigh*.  I guess I should just be happy it's not the dog water.

 Sean to Will:  "Will.  This curtain is awesome.  Come and check it out!"

Yes, Sean!  Sit on your big brother's lap!  Uh-uh.  Better luck next time, Mama!

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Magee K. said...

Got the same shirts for the boys and have been trying to get a good picture of them all day!!! :-)