Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The "Battle of the Sexes" Incident

Just to let you all know, I'm married to the guy who won Battle of the Sexes on the cruise ship.  Yes...the men ousted the women.  I'm not proud.  BUT!  If it wasn't for Brian's victory, the women would've prevailed.

So what did Brian do?  Well, I'll tell you.  There were three rounds in the competition.  One was people putting together numbers that the emcee was shouting out.  I volunteered for the second round, which ended up being everyone having a letter, and having to spell out clues that the emcee was giving.  Since *I*  vacated my comfort zone volunteering to go up on stage, Brian just couldn't sit there and be bested. So he jumped up and volunteered for Round Three.  The emcee announced that it was a physical challenge, and "man, you guys don't even know what you are in for!"

The challenge was to take a quarter, walk across the stage and drop it into a plastic cup.  Sounds easy, right?  Well....the twist was that you had to carry it there, using nothing but your butt cheeks.  Fully clothed, of course.  (Thank GOD I volunteered for the second round!!!)  Brian, being a good sport, was the third guy to go in the challenge.  This was not an easy thing....most people dropped it before taking a step, or laughed so hard that they never even got to move before the quarter plunked to the floor.  But Brian...Brian not only got it to the cup, the emcee made fun of him for this weird dance that he was doing, causing him to laugh and almost lose it.  but he didn't....and the entire male population of the room was up and jumping, cheering when he got it in the cup.  But nobody was more excited than him, I thought that he was going to jump off-stage from the excitement! 

Now, I should mention that Brian was wearing a bright red "Phillies World Series" t-shirt.  And if you've ever met my husband for five minutes, you  know that he is a diehard Philadelphia sports fan.  He has many Philly sports shirts, which draws other Philly sports fans to him like moths to a flame.  Rarely can we even go to Target, much less Disney World or Universal Studios (happened both places) where other rabid Philadelphia fans don't come up to us, bubbling with excitement over finding "one of their own" outside of the Philly city limits.  We met one such couple on the ship, at the Battle of the Sexes.  Later on we ran into them again,only we had changed clothes.  The wife asked Brian why he had changed his shirt.  Brian's sheepish reply?  "I didn't want to be recognized as "That Guy Who Had a Quarter Up His Butt."  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  In my mind.....he'll be That Guy.  Forever.  :P

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OMG, this post in a word is AWESOME!! that is the funniest story!!! totally laughing out loud :)