Wednesday, March 18, 2009

If Sandra Bullock is Reading This....

...I totally agree with Janet Evanovich wishing that you would play "Stephanie Plum" in a movie version of her most popular book series!! You would be perfect!!! I've seen you play badass, and I've seen you play clutzy. Stephanie Plum is the ideal marriage of both those things. You would make a fabulous Jersey chick. So if you get a call, please consider it. I'm rooting for you!

I'm almost finished reading The Stephanie Plum Series, and I'm sad to watch them come to an end. For years I avoided these books at the supermarket check-out, totally judging them by their covers. ("Ten Big Ones?? Seriously???) Now I'm elated to read on Janet's website that she's contracted through #16 (#14 came out last year) and has no plans of stopping. I'm just bummed to have to wait like everyone else now!!

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Anonymous said...

I've given up on the Stephanie Plum books. I was so let down with the Ranger situation, and am sick of the silliness. Oh well, we all have different tastes! (My friend is a Plum ADDICT!)