Friday, March 13, 2009

Sensible or Fashionable: You Decide!

My brother's getting married in May! It's definitely a family affair, with me a bridesmaid and my husband the best man. Lots of planning going on at our house!!

I took my dress to the seamstress last week, and I ordered my shoes. Can someone please tell me why bridal shoes are so damn expensive??? I had to pay $60 to get a pair of shoes, and it's a three-week wait for them to be dyed to match the chocolate brown dress. I'm glad I thought of going early to get those suckers picked out.

As for the shoes and maturity: I tried on three or four pairs. I narrowed it down to a pair of strappy sandals with a higher, square heel, and a pair of pump-like shoes with a low heel and a peep-toe. I liked the sandals a lot, but they rubbed slightly at the base of my toes. I said to myself, "Self? How are these shoes going to feel after wearing them for twelve hours, including dancing?" Ten years ago I would've picked them 'cause they were prettier. But I chose the pumps. That's definitely a sign of getting older: being more sensible! It made me feel a bit old. Where's the fun-loving gal and who's this Mom-Figure that's replaced her? Eh...most days I'm fine with it!!

Tomorrow I'm going dress shopping with Mom to pick her out a dress for the wedding. I'm also going to peruse the sale racks to find something to wear to my friend Michelle's wedding. I'm hoping some luck will come our way!!!

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MLE said...

I've pretty much always gone for comfort over style. I own exactly ONE pair of shoes with skinny heels for this very reason; it may look awesome but if it hurts to walk in it's not worth it. Especially for something like a wedding, where you'll be standing and dancing a lot. Good choice!