Saturday, January 24, 2009

Oh, the Pain!

I've had an entire pot of fresh coffee poured over one one of my hands. I've tripped and fallen down a set of stairs on my knees. I've thrown out my back and had coughing fits. I've had my jaw hit and dislocated with a soccer ball and then the foot that kicked it. I've slipped on ice and hit the back of my head when I crashed to the ground. And I've given birth.

None of that compares to the toothache that I've had!!!!!!

I used to think the back pain was the worst, since hurting your back makes every little move you make painful. But the acute throbbing of a tooth from hell is so much worse!

It started over the summer, when cold drinks and ice cream could bring a tear to my eye. I recently found out that I have fracture marks on my top back teeth. Then I got a gum infection and a couple of cavities in the general area, forcing me to swallow my meals almost whole. The dentist prescribed antibacterial mouthwash for the infection, brought on by not flossing enough. A week later I was doing better. Then he drilled and filled the two cavities and I'm back in Hell. I'm cranky. I'm sore. And most of all, I'm frustrated and hungry!!!!!! The dentist said to call if I experienced any pain. Well, needless to say, I've left him a message!

I'm a little fearful of the prospect of a root canal, but right now I'd take pliers to my own mouth if I could be guaranteed I could make the pain stop. I can't believe I'm actually looking FORWARD to a root canal! The nerve can't be killed soon enough!


Steve Tuggle said...

Hi, there's really nothing worse than a toothache. I've done thousands of root canals and even had one myself. You'll do fine. They really aren't bad at all. Many of my patients fall asleep during the appointment. Here's some information I've written about root canals: The Relaxed Root Canal

MLE said...

Mouth pain is the worst pain there is. And you'll be much happier after you have whatever work done. There's nothing like relief from mouth/tooth pain. You might only need a crown and not a root canal.