Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Who Needs 'Em??

This is a gripe about pantyhose. Yes, Pantyhose.

I dressed up for work today because I have a bunch of skirts and really, why don't I wear them more often? What am I saving them for? Oh yeah... I don't wear them because I hate pantyhose. I stick my nails through them, I beat the hell out of them, and frankly, I just don't have the patience for it. But today, I decided to tempt fate.

Bad idea. It was a busy day, and I totally shredded the pair from the thigh down. And I had a bunch of work errands today. So that's how I ended up at CVS, frantically looking at sizing charts and buying a pair and finding somewhere to put them on! (which ended up being the daycare, thank goodness! My other choice was a McDonald's bathroom.)

Now for the other reason pantyhose are a "Tool of the Devil.": who writes these damn size charts!? The ones I bought were supposedly the right size for my weight and would fit a woman anywhere from 5 feet to 6 feet tall. Yeah, a foot's difference. After pulling for all I'm worth, I managed to barely get them all the way up and had to adjust all day. (Not a pretty picture, but you have it anyway. You're Welcome!) If a six-foot woman around my same weight tried to put them on, she'd kick her way through them!

So anyway, I'm back to pants.....

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Toastqueen said...

Honestly, I haven't worn them in years. I bought a pair of maternity ones thinking I would need them 3 years ago - they're still unopened. I prefer long skirts because I hate my calves, so I can get away with it. Plus, my work outfit is jogging pants and a t-shirt, so the need doesn't come up very often!
Thanks for the visual!!