Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Puddle Duck

It rained all day today. Most of the day, it was the kind of rain that you don't even want to go out to your car. But, since I still had to go to work, after breakfast I bundled Will and I in our raincoats and headed out. While I was putting down our stuff in the car (Why does it feel like everywhere we go we have enough stuff to move in??) Will ran around the car. Then, I realized what he had been doing--jumping in the puddles! He was soaked to the waist, shoes, jeans, socks....oh no! He was so happy and proud of himself that I couldn't stay mad for long. We ducked quickly into the house to get more clothes and another pair of shoes, and I stripped him and put him in dry clothes when we got to the daycare. He threw a fit over his socks, he wanted to keep the wet white ones instead of the navy blue ones. And guess what--the shoes I grabbed didn't fit! So Will spent the day in dry warm socks while his shoes dried. What a day! And when I got there to take him home....you guessed it. My puddle duck wanted to play in the puddles again!

We're celebrating another milestone this weekend....Will's going into a toddler bed!


asplashofsunshine said...

Whoaaa, you are better than me! Kevin is still in his crib. Although he has hated our attempts to put him in a toddler bed so far. January is when we will do it, no matter what. Same with potty training. I am soooo done with diapers.

Rochelle said...

Yay for the Big Boy Bed! Toby loves his (especially because he has McQueen & Mater sheets!)

I have a puddle duck, too! He loves it so much it's hard to get (too!) mad at him, but I try to make him wait until we're on our way home, not out!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!