Sunday, September 7, 2008

Road Trip!!

I went to visit my friend Lexi from college! Brian and I had talked about this a couple of months ago, and he was happy to have me go while he and Will got to have some guy time. And no, when I got home, amazingly Will couldn't belch the alphabet and there weren't a lot of dishes. Had it been hockey season though.....Will probably would have been able to cuss out a referee when I got home. Which is a useful skill, actually. :)

I actually had forgotten a little bit what it's like to travel by yourself! I packed a bag and was flabbergasted that I didn't have more stuff to bring with me. I felt so light and free, no pack and play, no DVD player, no making sure I had snacks, juice, sippies and diapers and Heaven forbid, Brown Doggie. Just me on the open road, blasting my iPod at will. And since we got back from North Carolina last week, my trip to Maine makes it ten states covered in a week's time!

For those that remember (or not), Lexi is my refreshingly honest, fun and funky, tell-it-like-it-is girlfriend from Salve. If you ask her for her honest opinion she will surprisingly give it to you. She has a log cabin in her hometown that she shares with her husband, a state trooper and her German Shepherd. Oh, and Lexi is pregnant with her first child, a boy, to be born this winter. Her husband was away so we actually met up at the Baby Mecca, Babies 'R Us. That store is daunting for many, but I helped guide her through, past the crap that the baby world wants you to get sucked into and to the stuff you'll really need. (And though I've said it before, Thank You to all of my girlfriends who helped me at my time of confusion! You've helped make me the savvy mom that I am...) After BRU we headed to a Mexican restaurant in Portland for a late lunch, then up to the cabin. I played flashlight tag with her dog Rufie, who is the hap-hap-happiest pup I have ever met! We had an ice cream dinner at her parent's ice cream shop (check out Blue Plate Special for details on that) and then watched craptastic TV about speeders and criminal drivers until we felt sleepy.

Now is the time that I should mention the rain. Oh my goodness...the rain! It was like a monsoon, it rained hard from 7pm till 6am this morning. I should know....Lexi has a metal roof. It's quite a noise, but it put me to sleep. Till it stopped raining and I woke right up. Lex has a kiddie pool for Rufie out in the yard. When I got there it was empty....and when we went out for breakfast this morning it was totally full!

Thanks for a wonderful time, Lexi. Since our schedule is usually see each other once a time I see you you'll be a mom! And you will be a great one, I already know.

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