Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Clean it Up, Clean It Up....

I recently realized that I don't remember the last time that I vacuumed. Probably when someone was coming over and I wanted to give the appearance that we're not cluttered, frazzled people! I actually don't want to know the last time, it might prove to be rather embarrassing.

Anyway, I brought the vacuum out, in hopes of getting a room or two done while The Backyardigans were on. No such luck....apparently our vacuum is MUCH more entertaining! Will followed me around yelling "More!" every time I shut it off. He's a great cheerleader when it comes to motivation. He started crying in the beginning, and I thought he was scared of the vacuum. (maybe something he learned from Joey, our dog!) So I turned it off and discovered that he's not scared. My son is apparently the one kid that is upset because he isn't the one doing the vacuuming!! He just keeps coming up and saying "Please? Please?"

I'll check back with him when he's thirteen and playing video games. But I HATE housework?! Why meeeeeeee??? " And when I gently remind him of his vacuum-loving toddlerhood, he'll just roll his eyes and scoff. I can see it already.

But for now.....he may be onto something!


Jill said...

I also despise housework. With our new dog, Bailey, its inevitable. I cant go more than a week without vaccuming and it only helps for a day or so. Yuck!

Toastqueen said...

ha ha!
Yes, Toby loves vacuuming, too!