Monday, September 15, 2008

It's Official...

...I've entered the full-time workforce again. After a little over a year away, I'm back! Since this change took place in September, I felt like I was a kid again and kissing summer goodbye come September!

How's it going? This is my first full week and I haven't been this tired in ages!! But I'm really busy with a project and things are going well. Will was already in full-time daycare so not much has changed for him. He's playing and learning and eating better for his daycare provider than he would ever eat for us! Today he greeted me at the door with a magnifying glass, reading letters and numbers. My little detective. :)

I'm going to miss a couple of things about working part-time. Like grocery shopping on Tuesday morning instead of in the Saturday crowds. Or getting a coveted hair appointment in the middle of the week. Once I get by this tired thing....I think it will be good!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back...and sadly that tiredness never goes

Well maybe..anyways have a good week.


gillitrev-livvielu said...

I'm glad it wasn't too harsh! Hope the interviews go well.