Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bugs indeed....aren't funny

Have I told you that I am a total bugophobe?? I am ridiculously terrified of bugs. Well, not flies or ants. But pretty much anything else! If it has more legs than my dog, well......keep it away from me!

Brian was telling me a story this morning, and in the middle of it I started to scream hysterically!!! While he was talking, a huge bug was crawling out of my work bag, which was on the dining room table in front of him. I scared the hell out of him with the scream, then running into the kitchen and practically hyperventilating. WHAT IS IT? WHAT IS IT??

Ladies and Gents......a cricket! A cricket. Harmless cricket with the unfortunate (and decidedly tragic) location of my work bag, nestled with my library book and Palm Pilot. Do I know this bug is harmless?? Of course I do.....but it doesn't matter. A bug is a bug, and what we have here is an involuntary reaction, folks!

So I guess the question is.......We're raising a son. How the hell am I going to handle it when he plays with bugs and brings them into the house? I'm done for, you all know that. He's going to think all of that is so cool and want to collect it. He's going to turn into Gil Grissom from CSI!

After the major crisis was averted and I'd calmed down Will from thinking Mommy was going around the bend, it was time to leave for work.

But not before Brian checked the work bag to make sure there weren't any more!


gillitrev-livvielu said...

Just be glad it wasn't a spider YUCK!!!!!!!

asplashofsunshine said...

If Will is like Kevin... he will be terrified just like Mommy. Will is probably much more of a boys boy though, and will end up throwing them on your dinner plate each night. Hmmmm, watch out!