Monday, January 9, 2017

We Need CSI in Here

My older son suffers from headaches, and if he doesn't get medicine quickly and lets them linger, they will make him sick to his stomach.  He saw the doctor recently and the doctor upped his Tylenol dosage and wrote an order allowing him to have Tylenol at school.  One issue is also dehydration--the only thing he'll drink is milk and he hates drinking water.  So the doctor suggested getting a water flavor enhancer, stating that the pros outweigh the cons and it's about getting the fluids in.  So Brian bought a little bottle of Mio Water Enhancer in Fruit Punch flavor.

Will decided this morning to "experiment" with putting it in a little water at home to try before putting it in his water bottle to take to school.  I said that I would mix it for him because I could just see him making a huge mess with it, and nobody's got time for huge messes on weekday mornings.  Hell, most days I don't have time for BREAKFAST before it's time to take the kids out to the bus.

Hilarity ensues though, even with me at the helm of this experiment.  See my text messages below for proof.  Just another day in my life of luxury, folks.  It was pretty funny though, got all over his shirt and the nice, clean kitchen floor.  We did laugh, and luckily it wasn't too bad to clean up.  Just some damp paper towels while I ate an English muffin.  As for CSI....perhaps they're not necessary, because I CONFESSED.

That bus is later every day
Good news: will likes the water flavor enhancer and put some in his bottle today.
Bad news: it's not drops. It shoots off like a cannon and makes your kid and kitchen look like a grisly murder scene. We had a good laugh about it. And luckily will was wearing 5 shirts so we just took one off. (Not I'm not kidding....they took your layering advice very seriously, making the laundry epically awesome for the washerwoman.)
Well hopefully we get our regular bus driver back soon
I'm glad he likes it and we'll have CSI figure out who did it later.

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