Friday, January 6, 2017

Last Knit of 2016....

....was a hat for one of the karate instructors at the boys' school.  She had been through some tough stuff and I saw that she liked slouchy hats.  Blue's her favorite, so I set out to find blue yarn in my stash.

I didn't find much....

Brian picked out the pattern ("Greystone" on Ravelry) and it was off to the races!  At first everything was going well, until I missed some cables because I was engrossed in a little binge-watching of "Code Black,"

The end result?  Stunning.

BTW--meet Greta.  Greta is going to model all of my hats from now on.  She was a Christmas gift and although she's creepy-looking, I think she's awesome.  The hat makes her slightly less creepy, but only slightly.

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