Thursday, September 12, 2013

Snakeskin--oh my!

Ok.  I'm cool with the fact that I must live in harmony with animals.

I understand that I need to co-exist with creepies, too.  Like spiders.  And as long as they stay outside, I leave them alone to do their thing.  They come inside and all bets are off!  (Though if I'm being totally honest....I call Hubby in to deal with them.  Bugs aren't my bag, baby.)

I've been doing a favor for the next door neighbor this week, watching his son in the morning before school and taking him and Will to the bus stop.  This morning we came down the stairs and "Jack" pointed out a molted snakeskin.  I thought he was making it up and said to myself "Nah....that's a tree root."

IT MOST CERTAINLY WAS NOT A TREE ROOT.  It was a 12-inch long molted snakeskin.  (No I did not measure it, I "eyeballed" it and that's what I'm coming up with.)    Seriously?  I know that it's most likely a harmless garter snake.  But yuck!!!!! ( Dude....we have woods in the back of the house!  Go back there to change your skin.  Could you please not toss your "laundry" next to my stairs?  I pick up enough dirty laundry, Mr. Snake.)  But again, being perfectly honest...there is no way in hell that I am picking it up.  I think you know who's going to end up with that job.  (Hubby...have I told you lately how much I love you?)

So there you go.  I now know that there's a snake living under my front stairs.  At least, that's where I THINK he is, and not knowing for sure is probably the worst part.  You can bet I'll never forget to close the garage door again, that is for damn sure.

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