Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Little Baby Socks

Over the weekend we tackled our next two projects...organization, and finally getting back to the unpacking!   We've been "Unpacking" since we moved in....but there's still boxes lurking around.  The office and family room are terrible for both unpacking and organization.  That's another weekend all by itself.   The boys' bedroom was pretty bad and seemed like a natural starting place.  A trip to Home Depot and $140 later, Brian was ready to install a closet organizer.  And when I came back from shopping at Walmart alone (bliss I tell you....a real mini-vacation) the job was done and things were (mostly) put away.  The best part about this closet organizer is that with a couple more wall mounts, Brian can use the leftovers and put some shelves in the craft room closet as well.  Hear that?  That's the sound of WIN WIN!  :)

I started to go through the pile of "what to do with this stuff??" things.  Random toys, an orphaned boot, and a big shopping bag of socks.  Just socks. I remember towards the end of packing up Edgemere, it was panic time.  And instead of going through some of the clothes I just started bagging up crap and throwing it in boxes, in true "That's 'Future Crafty Mama's Problem."  Well, Future Crafty Mama has arrived as present Crafty Mama, and this is a lot of crap to go through.  I thought for a minute about chucking the bag of socks, but that seemed wasteful.  I mean, a lot of them no longer fit the boys but what if there was something good in there?  What's that Chinese proverb about looking in the pot before you give it away?

So I salvaged one pair of socks that my mom knit Sean.  Handknits don't get given away to just anyone if they don't no no. Later on I found two pairs of itty-bitty blue baby socks in the master bathroom.  (Don't ask me how they got there.  I don't know.)

I cannot bear to get rid of these socks.    Hubby and I decided some time ago that we're not having any more children.  This is it.  We've looked around the dining room table and everyone that's "supposed" to be here, is here.  People ask me "How do you know?"  You just do.  I go to other people's baby showers and ooh and aah, but don't get a hankering to have another.  When I get a chance to hold a baby and smell their head for that fresh, just-shampooed baby smell, I relish it.  But it doesn't leave me wanting like it used to.  And when I get to knit for a baby, I'm over the moon!  Especially if it's a girl--being a mom of two boys will do that to you.

My boys are bigger now.  I've got one that's almost seven.  Seven!  I love talking about Harry Potter with him and making jokes and big plans.  He's creative in ways that I'm not and sensitive and smart.  My little one will be four in January.  That REALLY blows my mind.  He's sweet and full of mischief, and hugs and kisses too.  They're all I've ever needed and I am so proud to be their Mom.

Still....those baby socks.  Those sweet little baby reminders.  Their new home is my jewelry box, that feels like where they belong.  I don't want to part with them, they remind me that these big boys were babies once and fit in those little socks and refused to keep them on.      

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