Tuesday, March 26, 2013

At Warp Speed

Family room Floor?  Installed.
Storage unit?  Rented.
Boxes?  Some packed.  Not all, but quite a lot.
Fresh paint?  many rooms.  Still going.

We're moving right along.  Brian painted the house foundation over the weekend and installed a new tub surround in one bathroom that needed replacing.  Well, "installing" is more like it, those things are trouble!  Took a couple of trips to Home Depot in true home repair fashion but it's going well.  Still need paint in some areas, our bedroom carpet is getting stretched on Friday, and my dad is coming over on Monday to help Brian with replacing the deck surface/railing.  Things are moving quickly, the house is looking emptier and fresher, but it STILL doesn't seem to be going quick enough.  There is a calendar posted on the fridge with something to do every single day, and we're feeling the fatigue.  But it will be done.  One way or another. 

Still, after this place goes on the market, I'm looking forward to things slowing down just a tiny bit.  Though we'll be having to keep it in show condition with the kids running around, so I guess there's no rest for the weary!  :)

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