Sunday, March 24, 2013

Thirty Days!

90.  Give up soda for a month (3/24/13)

I simply cannot believe that I managed to pull off this one.  I love soda.  But honestly, most of the time it wasn't too difficult.  I got through every day by telling myself "I won't have it today."  NOT "I'm giving this up forever," because I know myself and if I said that I'd want it more and eventually cave and have to start over.  Once I was over two weeks I had no desire to start over, right?   I had iced tea or sparkling juice for lunch every day, and I drank a lot more water.  At first, the caffeine withdrawal every day after lunch was a bit much, but I got through it.

I didn't lose any weight.  I think that's because I didn't drink it all the time when I started.  Ten years ago, I'd nurse a 20 oz bottle of coke all morning, have some more for lunch and drink even more at home.  Nowadays we don't keep it in the house much unless company's coming, and a can at lunch.   Interestingly enough though, my pants fit better.  

What surprised me was when it was hard....we're in the middle of doing a lot of house projects to get this place sold.  Apparently, I drink a lot of Coke when I'm working on things like painting.  I was used to drinking two or three cans during a remodeling project.  THAT was tough.  But I didn't crack, and I'm proud.  Apparently soda is a "stress thing" for me, too.  I drink more of it when I'm freaking out or obsessing about something.

So, where to now?  Well, I had no intentions of giving it up forever.  But now, I'm not going back to it every day.  Only when I really, really want it, will I have it.  And I think that'll make it taste that much sweeter.  :)

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