Saturday, August 14, 2010

So Many Books, So Little Time....

I was checking out my list of books that I want to read on Goodreads today, and I'm shocked to see that my "to-read" list now has 176 books!  I should explain:  anytime I see a book that I remotely think I would be interested in, I add it to the list.  After all, clicking is free  (hooray for clicking!) and if I don't add it, I WILL want to read it later and won't be able to remember it!

I just finished up "Me Talk Pretty One Day" by David Sedaris.  As example, that one's been in the queue for two years!  OH MY GOD what a funny book!  I haven't laughed like that while reading in a long time.  Since I work alone, I'll often read a book while I eat my lunch.  It took me almost two weeks of lunch to get through that one, but I didn't mind.  It was funny in a way that I wanted to savor it's humor instead of digesting it quickly and calling it a day.  The descriptions of his family members are bizarre, and the recounting of his life in Paris, struggling to speak French are hilarious.  I went and added the guy's whole catalog to the list.   I'm famous for that as well; once I find an author I really like I'll bone up on their books. 

Surprisingly, I have not yet gotten Jennifer Weiner's latest, "Fly Away Home".  I think I'll make that the first book I download on the e-reader that Brian got me for Christmas.  I's August and I'm way behind.  The people that know me best (and read this blog!) are certainly not surprised!

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Alicia said...

2 weeks to read a book on your breaks!? I'm impressed. It takes me a good month or more to get through a book on my breaks. The book I'm reading now is over a month of breaks reading, and I'm only half way through! And I, like you, also have too many books on GoodReads. I need to start labeling them as "actually read someday" and "wishlist I might never get to" :-)