Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Partner in Crime

Everyone has one of those friends.  One of those friends that when you're together, stuff just happens.  Good stuff, bad stuff, crazy stuff.  Stuff that becomes the stuff of inside jokes.  Stuff that's not so funny.  Stuff that if it happened to someone else, it WOULD be funny!

My friend like that is Tracy.  Tracy and I met in college, and stuff's been happening ever since.  We met living in the same dorm, and one night she gave me refuge from a bully.  And we've been brewing trouble and jinxing ourselves left and right, since 1997.

Tracy was here the night that our dog Joey got skunked.  In the winter.  DISGUSTING!!!!  It was not a proud moment in our house.  By the way, it's a true friend who will shuck down to her skivvies with you to wash the dog in ten boxes of douche.  And sit with the stinky dog while you're at CVS, scurrying before the close to buy the aforementioned ten boxes of douche.  (Side note:  you can't help but notice that when the clerk finishes ringing you up and you have that much douche, they do NOT tell you to "have a good day!")

When we hang out together there's parking tickets.  Car accidents (nobody hurt)  Vomitious children in cars.  Boyfriends beamed off to another planet. (Well, it felt like that at the time!)  Inside jokes about dusting under your bed and telling your friends that their breath is bad and they need "to put an altoid in it."  So when this afternoon I got a work call and went to work for some drama, it wasn't surprising that Tracy came with me!  The drama was really my fault, since she made a comment at lunch about it being quiet for us and I said "Don't worry.  The day's still young!"

Everyone should have a friend like Tracy.  A friend that perfect strangers assume is your sister.  One that will know that they have to bail you out of jail with a single codeword.  A friend that is always there for you, to tell you how it really is.  A true friend!  :)


asplashofsunshine said...

Such a sweet post Gin!

The Caffeinated Mommy said...

You are right on--EVERYONE needs a friend like Tracy! They make life worth living. ;-)

Moe said...

You know, they really don't tell you to have a nice day when you buy 10 bottles of douche. Although, the woman at Walmart seemed to know exactly what my problem was when I showed up at the check out with douche and a giant bottle of wine at 7am.