Monday, August 9, 2010

Oh C'mon!!!

We had an exciting week with lots of stuff happening.  First things first...Sean can sit up unassisted!  Not for a long period of time of course, but he thinks it's very cool.  He also tried his first apple juice, and his first Ritz cracker.  LOVED both!  We also switched around carseats, too.  It was time for Sean to come out of the bucket seat, not because he was over the weight limit but I was starting to pull muscles in my neck from carrying him.  So we got new booster seats for Will and turned his old seat back into a rear-facing one for Sean.  Both boys love their new seats, and Sean adores being carried out to the car in your arms instead of the seat.  Will loves the fact that his new carseat has not one but TWO cupholders.  See, it doesn't take much to be cool to a toddler. 

"Oh C'mon" is Will's new favorite phrase.  And by "favorite" I mean he uses it all day and possibly in his sleep.  If he can't find Buzz and Woody?  Oh C'mon!  If I tell him that if he jumps off the chair so he can fly that he'll get hurt it's "Oh C'mon, Mommy!  I'm just pretending I can fly!  I'm using my 'magination."  If Sean startles while I'm making a chocolate-banana milkshake Will shakes his head and informs his brother, "Oh C'mon Baby Sean, it's just a blender!"  But the best one was in the car last Friday and Will said "Mom, can I talk to you?"  I was surprised and turned and said "When did you start calling me Mom?"  "Oh, C'mon Mommy!  MOM is just a nickname!"

My boys are growing up.  It's bittersweet.  I'm happy of course but......"Oh, C'MON!"  :)


adventures in rhode island said...

ha ha ha! i chuckled through that whole post :) so funny when kids say "adult" phrases like that!

Alicia said...

lol Love your blog. So hilarious :-D