Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Weekend Photo Fun

Saturday Adventures:  The Karate Kid and Mr. Cool, getting ready for the Easter Egg Obstacle Hunt at karate.  It was so much fun!  At first Sean wasn't interested because he thought "I'm not old enough for karate."  So I told him that I was old enough for him and we'd go together.  Once he realized that it was picking up eggs and getting candy, he was allllll about it!  

Hunting for Easter eggs in the Family Egg Hunt at my parent's on Sunday.   Gorgeous day for an egg hunt! (And yes....Sean adores those Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sunglasses!)

Family trip to Home Depot yesterday.  That's usually how we celebrate Patriot's Day, with some sort of home project.  'Cause that's how we roll in our house.  This is the Big Kid "driving" a tractor.  "Mom, if you're gonna take my picture, I don't want to smile.  I wanna look like I'm really driving it!"  

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