Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Preppin'

Ah, Easter in New England.  Will the great Egg Hunt be a nice day or require mittens?  Or will it rain like crazy and have to be moved inside, where my parent's pups and my Joey attempt to be contestants in the hunt?

Speaking of Easter Eggs, I have never dyed Easter eggs with my boys.  I would have last year but we were packing up the house and getting ready to move so I deemed it "too messy" while there were showings going on.  (It's been a year since we put on the market and can you tell I'm still THRILLED to be done with that process???)  I asked the kids about dyeing eggs and I think we've missed the opportunity.  Because I heard "No, Mom.  We want the plastic ones that you fill with treats."    Well, of course!!  We would've had those either way.  So now I'm I get supplies and do it (possibly by myself) or just be glad that it won't be a mess?  Hmmmm....

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