Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Heading Outta Town

My mind is jumbled, so my post today shall be too!

1.  Packing up for a Resident Service conference this week in New Hampshire.  I'm driving 3.5 hours north to spend three days with my fellow RSC's, attending workshops and doing fun things.

2.  This is the second time I've attended the conference, the last time I went was when I was pregnant with Will.  Every year since, there's been a reason not to go.  Hubby working nights, stuff going on at home, etc etc. I was anxious about going but applied for a scholarship anyway.  Was I ever shocked that I got it!

3.  Brian has got this all under control and they will be fine, and that there's some fun planned for while I'm away.  He's reassured me several times and I know they'll be fine.  I'll miss them, though.  In thinking of the fun they'll have, things are probably gonna get messy.

4.  That said, I will totally understand if the house is a disaster come Friday.  And I'm ok with it.

5.  I've decided the great debate....packing is worse than unpacking.  This is true for trips AND moving.  Time constraints, worrying about forgetting something on your way to the New Hampshire mountains/woods.....I could do without it.  Of course, had I not spent 20 minutes last night searching for interchangeable needle tips and the perfect skein of sock yarn for a pair of baby leggings that I want to make as a gift....that might've helped.  I never did find the specific skein that I was looking for, either.

6.  In planning my trip, you KNOW that I googled any local yarn shops in the vicinity.  Surprisingly, there were two, but they're both about 40 minutes away from where I will be staying.  So no yarn this time.  :(  That's ok, the TENT SALE is just a little over three weeks away!!!